no2Google’s identifying comment is still up…

If you hover on the link to “Chammon” in that comment, then look at the status bar on the bottom left, it says Mail to Melissa McMullen…not trying to play Sherlock fucking Holmes here, but if the email address doesn’t belong to the owner of the blog, who does it belong to, and why is it there?

I believe in remaining anonymous on the Web if you choose to, but if you’re going to blow your own cover, you might deserve whatever you get.


Just Say “No” to Bullshit

What side of the fence is the incorrectly formatted Just Say “No” to Google on? Was the author’s intent to prove that Google sucks? Even by my thoroughly anti-Google standards, the post fell a bit short of accomplishing that.

The post did point out a more than a few inadequacies: the food’s worse at Google since they switched food services, and no one helps employees carve out 20% time; they have to find it on their own, in between bouncy-ball playtime and relaxing in their massage chairs. Jeez. Sucks to be them.

The unspoken marvel of the leaked email is how it makes Google sound like it’s for college kids who want to be spoiled and coddled, and Microsoft sound like it’s for adults who want serious careers.

One has to question how long Google can ride it’s wave of popularity, allegedly overflowing cash, and Sergie’s newly ripped physique, when at the base of their operation, there’s a cadre of college kids who can’t or won’t take their jobs seriously…at least, not if they’re smart. They’ll get a little programming time under their belts, polish up their resumes, and hopefully move on to bigger and better things.

Let’s check out the post and comments:

  • Top pay at Google is only in the $80K range, but they make up for it with free food?
  • And massage chairs?
  • And exercise equipment?
  • Oh yeah, and let me not forget…a free shuttle
  • …and the prestige of working at the most exciting, innovative company in the world.

That’s prestigious and exciting if you’re a geek, and innovative only if you have no bigger dream than to monetize web properties with AdSense or write the latest Maps API. They gave up improving Search a while ago to let spam, ads, and irrelevant results rule the day.

It’s more exciting to work for yourself, or for your own company, or else for a flagging, yet promising giant like Yahoo. Rescuing the underdog = much more exciting than slogging away coding for Google, in my opinion.

Let’s check out more about the post:

The mere existence of the blog, with just one post on it–a top secret email that was supposedly leaked by a Microsoft employee–confused the hell out of everyone, including me, but if you read through the comments, a lot of the truth became clear.

First, someone let it slip that Geoffrey at wasn’t responsible for publishing the email on Say No to Google, at least not according to Mary Jo Foley. OK. Who the hell were these people?

A trip to Mary Jo’s blog revealed she’s a ZDNet blogger (oh, and will you stop spamming me already, ZDNet?) who spilled the beans about the true identity of the person interviewed for what became the top-secret Microsoft email.

As a recent comment on her blog pointed out, sharing that tip with the rest of us wasn’t the nicest thing she’s ever done. It was indeed Geoffrey who once worked for Google, then Microsoft, then applied for a job elsewhere, giving the potential new job the information about his last two employers while he was talking about his past experiences. He’s currently working for Microsoft again.

How the information he revealed leaked from his one-time potential employer back to Microsoft back to a WordPress blogger, who identified herself in the comment section only as Melissa McMullen of, is now her question to answer. She’s the only domino still standing in a game of chance that’s been won by big, anonymous mouths on the Internet.

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